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  • “I have had the pleasure to personally witness the growth of Matt & his team over the last four years, working closely on several workshops and projects to elevate our own team’s hospitality industry expertise.  Matt’s curiosity and ability to grasp our own challenges quickly have been the fundamental essence of this evolution.  As a company, we chose Matt because of his ability to engage & inspire people, and we chose his team because they are not just another training company.  On every project we have collaborated on, I have challenged Matt to deliver an outcome that is more than knowledge transfer; an outcome that drives true behavior change.  And he has delivered every time.  If you are looking for an adaptable & agile partner in education, you don’t have to look much further than Westshore Hospitality!”

    – Devin Hastie, Commercial Learning & Development, North America Zone
    Labatt Breweries of Canada
  • “I can’t say enough great things about working with Matt! He is an inspiring, supportive and charismatic facilitator. When joining forces and working with Matt, you can truly feel that he cares about the success of others and making a positive difference in my business. Matt is not only solving business solutions but creating business leaders. He is able to get to the heart of the issues and enroll our managers into finding new solutions, all the while creating a safe, supportive and collaborative space. If I had the opportunity I would work with Matt again in a heartbeat!”

    – Rachel Russo
: Senior Manager, Culture & People Development

    Woodbine Entertainment Group
  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Matt Rolfe and his team for over 10 years. He has shown me that it is important to take time working on my personal and professional development in order to become a better leader. Doing so has allowed me to better support the business and invest in my leadership team.”

    – Mick Kingston, General Manager, Student Centre Food and Beverage
    Georgian College

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How We Support Our Leaders and Leadership Teams: 90 Second Must-Watch Video

Leadership Team Development Workshops & Programs

Is your team struggling to achieve your goals, focus on the core priorities and complete the projects in the timeline that you desire? Many of us are addicted to the pace of business in the hospitality industry today and are confusing activity for achievement.

Our programs and workshops are designed to allow your leadership team to identify what is most important to your business today and begin inspiring positive, passionate conflict and conversation. We are able to create true engagement and action that allows your team to achieve your goals.

One on One Leadership Coaching

The top entrepreneurs, business leaders and athletes are surrounded by a support system of coaches. However, most hospitality leaders are left on their own to work through wins, failures, challenges and opportunities that they are faced with on a daily basis.

Our One on One coaching program is designed to interact with your leaders through focused workshops and support calls. These ensure they have a clear strategy and vision to implement and execute with their teams and businesses.

Who is supporting your leadership journey? To see if you qualify for One on One Leadership Coaching click our coaching link at the top of the page. Approved candidates will receive a FREE 60 minute coaching session.

Annual Meeting and Company Conferences

How successful are your annual conferences or quarterly/monthly meetings? These events are a huge expense for your organization in both time and money. Are you getting the value you desire from these company-wide events?

Our facilitators are passionate, engaging and some of the very best in the industry. Our team is not made up of corporate trainers. We live and breath the hospitality industry and have trained in the art of facilitation in order to design presentations that are received by your team.

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Company Retreats & Off Sites

It has been proven that there is great benefit in getting your team outside of the four walls of your business, allowing them to connect on the core opportunities and issues facing your operation today. That said, running an effective retreat or off site can be very difficult. Teams that run these events themselves can easily get sidetracked or emotional on the issues that prevent you from discussing and working on what truly matters to your business today.

We take a true facilitation position when supporting these types of events. We are there to help create an impactful agenda, lead your team through the session and supply context and experience as needed. That said, we support your team in taking ownership of the required conversation and decisions needed to produce an effective off site.

Hospitality Leadership Peer Groups

Who do you reach out to for support and advice in good and hard times? We all have friends and family we share with and lean on, but do you connect with a group of people that share in the challenges of our industry?

We are forming peer groups that will allow like-minded hospitality leaders to connect with other industry leaders that are not in direct competition with each other. Our groups and everyone that participates believes in our values for sharing, confidentiality, and desire for personal and business growth. These are not networking or social groups, all participants are heavily vetted in order to be accepted into the network.

Applications Opening Soon!


Using our unique process, Westshore Hospitality Group brings the same level of customization, synthesis and strategy to our training programs. Our experts start by getting to know your organization, strengths and goals and designs a tailor-made training program just for your people. Many of our programs include a custom blend of:

  • Communication Development and Building Culture – Creating culture curriculum. All participants will be certified in building an effective plan that fosters continual teaching and learning for all leaders in communication development and building a strong company culture.
  • Attracting, Developing and Retaining Employees – Employee engagement curriculum. All participants will be certified in the strategic process of employee recruitment, on-boarding, on-going training and manager/employee retention.
  • Executive Strategic Leadership & Execution – Executive strategic leadership and execution curriculum. All participants will be certified in the process of strategic creation, implementation, execution and measurement.
  • & More

Project quotes are based on the number of training days and level of expertise required for facilitation.

Clients with a minimum of 5 participants and 2 days training can expect a $500-$900 / participant per day estimate which includes: on-site facilitation; custom workbooks; full design of unique content tailored to needs, learning style, relevant case studies, organizational goals and certificate.

One to one advanced skills development training programs available upon request.



Matt Rolfe - Entrepreneur / Speaker / Coach

Matt began his career in the hospitality industry over 15 years ago, working for some of the world’s largest beer and spirits companies across North America.

Over the past decade, Matt has worked with 100’s of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hotel operations to help them gain clarity and force focus on what matters most in their business. Matt focuses on helping leaders and leadership teams in our industry take action needed to run healthy operations. Matt has worked with every segment of our industry from national chain groups, to independent owners, to quick service operations.

No matter the concept, what Matt is most passionate about is supporting the leaders and leadership teams at the deepest level to support positive change for the people who work, visit or interact with his clients operations.